Now a day’s hotel business is growing at a very fast speed. Hotels, restaurants, and resorts have become an important part of the modern lifestyle. Hotels, resorts and restaurants have become an important centre. For the arrangement of auspicious and social ceremonies like marriage, private parties, and domestic festivals, the construction of all these buildings should be done according to the principles of Vastu.

The first important thing is to select the right land for a hotel or restaurant. The land should be square or rectangular. An extended lshan Kona gives good results.

A pond, lake, swimming pool or flowing water river in the northeast direction of a hotel or resort enhances the prosperity of business. Underground water resources or boring should be kept in the North direction as it helps to get popularity. One will never face a lack of money and gets financial stability. A fountain which has music and light should be in North-East direction. It helps in maintaining positive energy on the premises. People get attracted to the hotel. The swimming pool should never be in the centre of the land or in the South-West direction. Any swimming pool or water body in the centre part of the land brings poverty and ruin.

Maximum construction work should be done in the South-West part of the Hotel or Resort. North and East parts should be kept open and free. South, West wall should be high, strong and heavy. A boundary wall around the hotel is a must. The main entrance door is best if kept in North, lshan Kona East lshan Kona or Eastside.

A kitchen is a compulsory place in any Restaurant, hotel and Resort. It should be made in Agneya Kona. If it is not possible, Vayavya sthan can also be used for the kitchen, but in this case, cooking platform or cooking gas stove should be in the south-East direction. Otherwise, there will always be a fear of fire, accident or more expenditure. The kitchen should never be constructed in Nairatya, lshan, or the north and centre part of the land. The owner of the hotel may face bankruptcy and wastage of food items if the kitchen is in North-East direction. If it is in the South-West direction, it causes enmity and hostility in relations. The kitchen in the North direction is not good for financial growth. The cooking range should be in the East and South of the kitchen and while cooking food the cook should face the East direction.

The best location for a hotel or dining hall in the hotel is in the west direction. The second-best place is the East direction. If the kitchen is in the South-East direction, the dining hall should be made in the East or South directions. If the kitchen is in North West, the dining hall should be in the West direction. But if there is a shortage of place, the kitchen can be made in the North direction. The dining table should be either rectangular or square-shaped. The length of the table should not be more than the two times width in the dining hall. For example, if the width is 4 feet, the length can be a maximum of 8 feet but not more than that. The measurement of the table should not be uneven, like (width 3 feet, length 7 feet) as it generates hostility among the users. The number of chairs, placed with the dining table should be in even numbers. Glasses of water should be kept on the North East side, washbasin should also be placed on the North Eastside. The doors of the dining hall should be painted in yellow colour (colour of Jupiter) because Lord Jupiter has the domain in the dining room. The walls of the dining room should be either light yellow, cream, orange as these colours are auspicious. The dining table should not be kept right under the beam as it enhances the tension while eating.

It is very beneficial to follow Vastu principles while constructing a Hotel, Restaurant, or Resort. These are very big investment projects and if we cannot get good returns on that investment, or if we face problems or hurdles in running it, then it will be very bad. We have seen in many cases that Hotels, Restaurants, and Resorts are running in losses, or there are some legal disputes going on, it will ruin the name and fame of that Hotel, Restaurant or Resort and by following Vastu guidelines one may get good results and will be able to run his hotel with good profits and smoothly.

Vastu plays a very important role in constructing a Hotel, Restaurant, and Resort, we must set up all the things as per Vastu, Like the Placement and Positioning of all the Bedrooms, Kitchens, Swimming Pool, Reception, all the Cabins, Staff Cabins, and Rooms, Positioning of the Main Door, Toilets, Restaurants, Entertainment area, Bar Counters, and Area, etc.


Energy Scanning is also a very important factor. We must get the energy checked of that premise which we are planning to buy, or already purchased, or started construction, or already running a business on it, that the Energy of that particularly given premise is Good for Commercial or business use. Sometimes the land we select for Commercial or business use is not good. There are more than 12 types of Energies, Vibrations, and Radiations that have to be checked in the premise. If the Energies of the land are not good for commercial or business use, then we may face many types of problems, and hurdles in our Business. If the Energies of the premise are very bad then we may have to Shut down or Close the Business due to losses, mental stress, Legal Disputes, fire, theft, or any other reason.

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